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Lowdown on Penis Protection — The Ins and Outs of Condom Use

There are lots of unpleasant things guys can say about condoms. Sentences that involve the phrase “raincoat in the shower” immediately spring to mind for many men who are asked to slip on a sheath before the going gets rough. But in reality, a condom could be a guy’s best friend during a sexual encounter. That little bit of protection could prevent a pregnancy, block a bacterial or fungal infection, and even bar access to sexually transmitted diseases. But all of these penis care benefits apply only when the condom is used properly. Here’s how to make it happen.


When a condom is furled inside of a foil-lined package, it can seem absolutely indestructible, but in reality, these products come with an expiration date. The chemicals used to make condoms, along with the lubricants that are squirted inside each little slip of material, tend to break down and erode over time. That breakdown can be accelerated if the condom is exposed to high heat, which may take hold if a condom is stored in:

  • A car’s glove compartment
  • A wallet
  • A bathroom medicine cabinet
  • A backpack

Before any sort of sex activity begins, a condom should be inspected. If the expiration date has passed, or if the little roll of material seems somehow brittle or discolored, it should be replaced.

The condom package should also be on hand well before the sex begins, and the little bit of protection should be easy for a busy guy to grab. Many people who hope to use a condom become frustrated at how difficult the foil lining is to open, and in their haste, they damage the product before the sex begins. Planning ahead is vital in order to prevent these mistakes.


Condoms are made with a tiny reservoir at the tip that is specially designed to catch semen at the end of a successful sex episode. That little cup should be pinched closed, and the condom should be unrolled on a guy’s erect penis. Pinching keeps that cup available for catching, and unfurling correctly ensures a secure fit.

Lubricants slathered on the outside of a condom can ease entry, but any product that is applied should have a base that’s made of water, not oil. Products made of oil can degrade a condom and make breaks and holes more likely, especially if the condom is made of latex.


A properly installed condom shouldn’t slip and slide, but if it does, a pause in the action is in order. Replacing the condom could keep the slips and slides from continuing.

It might be tempting to double up on condoms, particularly if one seems a little ill-fitting or somehow inefficient. But using two products at once could lead to disaster, as these two sheaths might rub up against one another, causing rips, tears and holes. One-at-a-time should be the name of the game when a condom is in use.


As soon as ejaculation occurs, the condom should come off. Removal can seem like a sticky subject, but holding onto the base of the condom during withdrawal can help to ensure that no vital bits of material slip out, and after the penis has subsided to its flaccid state, the product should come off quite easily.

Any used condom should never be used again. Subtle rips and tears can form during the act or during the removal process, and that could lead to all sorts of difficulties. In addition, it’s not sanitary to expose the penis to the inside of a used condom.


Condoms are designed to fit on the penis, and many lucky guys have tested these products in labs to ensure that they fit right and deliver both pleasure and protection. But, the act of wearing a condom can be a little irritating to the sensitive skin of the penis, particularly for guys who have subtle allergies to spermicides and lubricants.

A rinse post-sex, followed by the application of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), can help. The cool water will wash away any specs of irritants left behind when the condom use is over, while the crème will help to restore the balance of vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health and function.

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