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Embarrassing Penis Skin Problems and How to Solve Them

Many a male who is all swagger on the outside has deep concerns about perceived problems with his penis on the inside. Given the socialized tendency for men to base much of their self-worth on what swings between their legs, it is not surprising that even the most confident of men can wither with anxiety at the slightest sign of something out of the ordinary with his tool. This article is for men who secretly fear that they have some horrifying mutation or deadly disease; several common, yet potentially embarrassing issues are described here, as well as the penis care techniques that can help to clear them up.

Men should keep in mind, however, that self-diagnosis is never a good idea, and a qualified medical opinion is the best option for identifying and treating problems with the manhood. While it is natural to be put off by the idea of displaying a rash-covered, pimply penis for probing by a stranger, there is really no need to be embarrassed; doctors see issues like the following on a regular basis:

1. Dry, roughened skin­ – Penile skin that has a dry, rough, even scaly appearance is something that nearly every man will experience. Dry masturbation, hot or cold temperatures, rubbing against clothing and even the wrong laundry detergent can leave a man’s best friend looking like something the dog dragged in. Fortunately, this common problem is also one of the easiest to deal with; staying hydrated, using a personal lubricant, and applying a quality moisturizer on a daily basis can help to restore the skin to a healthier, more vibrant appearance.

2. Acne ­–Unfortunately, no part of the body is immune to acne, and men are nearly as likely to develop a crop of pimples on their penis as on their face. Penis acne can certainly be unattractive, not to mention painful, but in most cases, the pimples tend to heal on their own after a few days. Men should never pick or squeeze them, because this is guaranteed to make the problem worse. Acne medications are not a good idea, either, because they contain ingredients that are much too harsh for the penile tissue. The best bet is to keep the area clean, apply cool compresses, and let nature take its course where acne is concerned.

3. Rashes ­–Penile rashes can have many, many causes, ranging from yeast infection to jock itch to a sensitive skin reaction to something the manhood has come in contact with. While rashes can signify an STI, most of them are less serious and can be easily treated with topical creams. It is important to let a doctor take a look at a rash, though, in order to rule out any transmittable infections.

4. Warts, bumps and other protrusions –Aside from acne, the penis is prone to all sorts of blemishes, including bumps, inflamed follicles, warts, and pearly penile papules. Again, warts and lumps can have a variety of causes, and it is vital that men seek qualified medical help. In some cases, such as pearly penile papules, the condition may simply be a normal anatomical variation, in which case no treatment at all is needed.

5. Wrinkles –Even a youthful penis is prone to unattractive wrinkling, which is to be expected from an appendage that is designed to grow and shrink at regular intervals. Keeping the skin well-moisturized and drinking plenty of water can help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and to plump out those lines and creases.

Daily care for smoother, more youthful penile skin

When a problem does occur, it is important to follow a doctor’s recommendations for treatment. On the other hand, the best medicine really is prevention, and men who are concerned about their overall penis health can make some proactive choices to keep the skin clear, smooth and supple.

A healthy diet is a major part of this process; the right elements – including nutritional heavy hitters like vitamins A, C and D – are essential to keeping the skin in top condition. Furthermore, proper hydration is always vital; in order for skin to appear full and vibrant (rather than wrinkled and dull), men need plenty of water.

Finally, moisturizing and nourishing the skin with a powerful penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is a step that every man should add to his personal care repertoire. Nourishing and smoothing the skin from the outside in with targeted nutrients and high-quality moisturizers can keep the penis looking and feeling fantastic.

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