Penis irritation is unpleasant for all men, and something which at least occasionally strikes most men. When that irritation is caused by balanitis, it can sometimes have an impact on a man’s bedroom activities. Even when sexual activity is not affected, simple penis care concerns should compel a man to seek relief from this common cause of penis irritation.

Defining balanitis 

The basic definition of balanitis is an inflammation of the glans of the penis. (When both the foreskin and the glans are inflamed, the condition may be known as balanoposthitis.)  Balanitis is very common among young boys; in men, it is much more likely to occur in intact males than in those who are circumcised. Men with diabetes are also more likely to experience balanitis.

There can be numerous causes of balanitis, including:

Poor hygiene

psoriasis (an immune system reaction that causes dry, scaly skin);

dermatitis (skin issue caused by an allergic reaction or direct contact with an agent of irritation);

lichen planus (skin disease affecting mucous membranes and skin, presenting as purplish bumps);

sexually transmitted infections (STIs);

urine “dribbles” irritating the glans.


So how does a guy know he has balanitis?  There are many common symptoms, such as:

swollen glans (meaning the head of the penis is swollen due to infection, rather than sexual excitement);

redness of the glans and surrounding area;

itchiness, irritation and soreness around the glans;

strong odor;

tightness of the foreskin in intact men.

Bedroom issues 

Balanitis itself is not contagious; however, sometimes the cause of the balanitis (such as an STI or a yeast infection) is contagious. Therefore, learning the cause is important. If balanitis occurs simply because the skin is experiencing an allergic reaction or is reacting to direct contact with an irritant, it is not contagious. When balanitis is due to a contagious condition, a man needs to seek treatment and avoid sexual contact until the issue is cleared up.

Often, balanitis can cause more transient issues in the bedroom. For example, the soreness and penis irritation may dampen a man’s sexual readiness. Or a man may be quite willing to engage in sex but once the experience begins, the soreness may cause him to withdraw from the activity earlier than desired. Sometimes a man with balanitis fulfills his sexual obligations, but does so without experiencing the same level of elation and satisfaction himself due to the tenderness created by the condition.

Other times, a man with balanitis may be ready, willing and eager to engage in all manner of sexual activities – but he may find that the physical manifestations of the balanitis may cause potential partners to lose interest. For example, a couple may engage in passionate kissing and clothed fondling and seem to be on the road to an exciting encounter; however, when the penis is unveiled and exhibits an unbecoming redness and/or scaliness, the potential partner may decide she is no longer interested. The same may be true if the manhood exposure is accompanied by an intense and off-putting odor.

Men with such penis irritation issues (whether accompanied by balanitis or not) need to make use of a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), both to help maintain the interest of sexual partners and to keep the manhood in proper health. Selecting a crème that has moisturizing capability is vital. Those that contain both a potent hydrator (such as vitamin E) and a respected emollient (such as Shea butter) are the best options. What about persistent penis odor? A crème with vitamin A can play a major role in bringing that odor under control. Vitamin A is known to possess strong anti-bacterial properties which get at the root cause of many strong penis odor issues. Beating back symptoms associated with balanitis with Man1 Man Oil, along with proper hygiene, can be a big lift for a man.

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