Ah, autumn – a time when the air is crisp and leaves turn a cavalcade of colors, and men wonder what specific sex tips they can use on their partners to boost their intimacy to even higher levels. Assuming that consistent penis care has resulted in a penis that is up and game for some new activities, the following autumn-focused sex tips can enliven the fall for just about any man. And since autumn is a time when sex drives are generally at their peak, these sex tips should prove especially timely.

Autumn leaves 

Sure, the image that most readily comes to mind when one hears autumn is the cascade of red, yellow, gold and brown leaves that cover the earth. With trees denuding themselves left and right, it’s the perfect opportunity for a guy to take advantage of Nature to up his sex game.

– Be a rake. All those leaves can’t just lie where they fall; they have to be raked up. If the back yard is decently private, invite a bedmate over and share physiques and leaf expertise by raking up the yard in the nude. Invite that lucky partner to help by doffing their clothes and bagging the leaves – and anything else that catches their fancy.

– Pile it on.  Too shy to rake in the buff? Stay clothed but gather those leaves into a huge pile. Then grab a partner and fall into the leaves together in a warm embrace. With the leaves as cover, feel free to rub mid-sections together – and if the leaves provide sufficient coverage, let loose a couple of zippers and proceed to the main event.


– Cos play. Why should the kids have all the dress-up fun? Partners can add a little spice to their sex lives by donning costumes and acting out appropriate scenarios. (Hint: Encourage a partner to dress as a vampire who wants to suck life-giving blood and then emphasize just how full of blood an erect penis is.)

– Bob for apples. Draw a nice hot bath for two. With her breasts bobbing up in the water like a pair of ripe apples, take time to shower them with oral attention. Start by kissing, licking and sucking on them, but feel free to move on to using hands if she likes; bending the bobbing for apples rules is fine if no one else is there to report it.

– Celebrate alone. Want a seasonal way to celebrate some “alone time?” Carve a pumpkin into a personal Jack O’Lantern – with just one hole that’s about the thickness of an erect penis. The next step should be obvious to any man who’s ever had an erection.

Cool weather

– Bundle up – and off. That tangy autumn snap in the air means that everyone will be adding a few layers. So have fun taking them off. Why not perform a Chippendale’s strip for an enthusiastic mate, removing that hat, scarf, gloves, and so forth? And once nude, be a gentleman and help the lady with her own clothes – taking extra care with those delicate unmentionables.

Autumn sex tips like these can make the fall a terrific season for sex – as long as the man’s penis is ready to play. Keeping it healthy via a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is therefore crucial. Select a crème that features L-arginine, a valuable amino acid that is known for its role in creating nitric oxide. This in turn helps to open up penile blood vessels and keep them ready for that all-important blood flow that sustains erections. If the crème also contains vitamin C, so much the better; this vitamin is a key component for collagen production and erectile tissue function. Enjoy the fall!

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