For a lot of guys, masturbation is simply a fun way to bring about a little pleasure and is usually a fairly brief encounter between a man and his penis. But some men really make masturbation a major part of their lives, in some cases indulging in marathon sessions that can last several hours. Clearly, a man inclined to spend so much time masturbating his member needs to be sure he takes steps to ensure proper penis care – and this article can help provide some tips. (For that matter, these tips can be helpful to a man even if his masturbation plans are for self-focused activities of a much shorter duration.)

Rest in advance

In an ideal situation, a man about to go on a masturbation marathon would give his member some “down time” before the big event. Refraining from masturbation the day before is often advised, especially if there has been frequent and/or aggressive masturbation (or other sexual activity) recently. If the penis is raw and sore, it needs time to recover, especially before an endurance event. Otherwise, a man may his marathon gets cut short due to pain.

Set the routine

Before a man’s first masturbation marathon, he should determine what he is interested in. Does he want to masturbate to orgasm several times? Or is he more interested in one long masturbation session that leads to a final release? It’s also important to have an idea of how long this marathon will last. For some men, one hour would be considered a marathon; for others, that’s just a sprint, and they may be looking at several hours in a row. Alternatively, a man may want his marathon to consist of several sessions with time out in between them. Having a good idea of the desired routine ahead of time can be valuable.

Train appropriately

Once a man knows what his routine will be, he can train appropriately. For example, a man who wants his marathon to be one long session with only a final release may want to practice plenty of edging in the days leading up the event. (Edging is masturbating until just about to ejaculate, then stopping and letting the feeling subside, and then masturbating again until near ejaculation – and repeating as often as possible.)

On the other hand, a man who wants to masturbate to ejaculation several times in a row should try this in a shorter form as practice. He needs to see what he needs to do in order to retain or regain his state of arousal after ejaculation. For some men, this may mean employing different strokes and/or rhythms. For others, it may require utilizing other forms of stimulation, such as mental fantasies or visual pornographic aids.

Stock up on lubricant

Whether going for one long haul or many short bursts, a man needs to be sure he has plenty of lubricant for his marathon session. No guy wants to run out halfway through a session and have to finish it without something to keep the penis well-lubed.

Prep (and treat) with the right crème

To survive a masturbation marathon, a penis needs to be in prime health, and one of the essentials for maintaining that health is the regular and consistent use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . For a marathon session, the penis skin needs to be well and truly moisturized, so regularly using a crème with a combination of hydrators, such as natural Shea butter and vitamin E, is highly advisable. All of that rubbing for a marathon can desensitize the penis by rubbing the nerves raw; using a crème with acetyl L carnitine, which protects against peripheral nerve damage, can help protect desired penile sensation.

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