Because masturbation is one of the easiest ways a man has to entertain himself, it’s something they tend to do on a regular basis. Many men have absolutely no problem with their masturbation routines and make masturbating part of their penis care regimens. These men masturbate and enjoy it, plain and simple. But some men find that they have fallen into a rut with their masturbation. They find themselves going through the motions and getting some amount of pleasure from it – but also finding it’s become a bit “old hat.”

For men who are in the latter camp, the following tips may prove valuable in getting out of the rut and reinvigorating their masturbation routines.

– Change the time. Lots of men masturbate on a fairly regular basis at the same general time. That may be every day when they wake with morning wood or every night before they go to bed or every Sunday afternoon. If a guy is a trifle bored with his self-fondling, he should try indulging at a different time and see how that feels.

– Change the timing. By the same token, some men tend to spend the same general amount of time on each masturbation session. The man who has become bored with self-pleasure can extend that regular 5-minute quickie into a 20- or 30-minute session. Or the guy that tends to go about his business for a half hour can switch things up with a quickie and see how fast he can bring himself to ejaculation.

– Go loco on location. Altering where a man masturbates can also make a big difference. A guy who spends all his time at the computer may enjoy taking to the bed with his special friend. Instead of finding pleasure in the bedroom, perhaps try the living room or kitchen or laundry room. Rather than stay indoors, go outdoors (if there is a privacy fence in the backyard, for example). Or if the house is boring, try a stall in the men’s room at the local mall.

– Reposition things. Those who masturbate sitting down might try doing so standing up. Those who stroke while lying down might try kneeling or squatting.

– Switch hands. The penis becomes accustomed to strokes from the dominant hand – so switch things up and use the other hand for a while. Or use both hands – either at once or alternating. Also, a guy should see if he needs to use those hands in a different way. If he tends to concentrate on the glans, spend more time on the shaft (and vice versa). Also, too many men neglect their balls while masturbating, and many are afraid to explore their anus – yet both of these can be rewarding in terms of stimulation and interest.

– Lighten up (or down). Changing the lighting in the environment can also affect the mood and enjoyment. Should the lights be nice and dim – and is a guy ready to turn on the flood lights for a change? Is it time to switch off the overheads and go for indirect lamplight? And hey, maybe there’s a reason why red lights are associated with sex; why not find out?

These are just a few ideas for getting out of a masturbation rut and back “into the game” with playtime. Of course, masturbating regularly means a need to keep the penis healthy, which requires the daily use of an exceptional penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Sometimes men get a little over-enthusiastic while masturbating, resulting in a loss of sensitivity from rough handling. A crème with neuroprotective acetyl L carnitine helps with the peripheral nerve damage that can lead to a loss of penile sensation. That rough handling may also damage the skin, so using reparative hydration is needed. A crème with both Shea butter and vitamin E is packed with moisturizing power.

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