Masturbation feels so good that many a man has overdone things a bit and ended up with a sore penis – if not a raw one. Avoiding a sore penis is one of the main rules in practicing good penis care, so a guy needs to take pains that he doesn’t get carried away when self-stimulating. However, sometimes a man is experimenting with new forms of solo sexual play and may end up with a sore penis simply from unfamiliarity with the new sex play. This can be the case the first few times a man uses a penis milking machine.

The following offers some good advice on how to use a milking machine without ending up with an unwanted sore penis.

– Don’t be a cow. Typically, milking machines are used as a way to more effectively get milk from an actual cow. They have tubes which are meant to attach to a cow’s udder and when the machine is turned on to rather forcefully squeeze and release the udders in order to get the milk flowing.

That’s good for a cow, but a man is not a cow – not even a bull. Using a cow milking machine on a human penis is begging for trouble. It is made to accommodate udders, which are not the same size as penises; more importantly, the udder requires more coercive force than does the penis.

So rather than a cow milking machine, purchase a specialized machine which is made for milking human penises. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying features.

– Read first. Male milking machines are sex toys, and like most sex toys, they should come with a set of instructions. In the heat of excitement, don’t just toss these away; read them. They may have important safety instructions.

– Do a little prep . These machines are not intended to force a guy into an erection; they are intended to be applied to an already-erect penis, so take time to make the member properly stiff. Also, the penis may need to be lubricated; read the instructions (see point #2 above) to see if this is necessary and if a specific kind of lubricant is needed.

– Rubber up. Unless the instructions preclude this, consider using a condom. That little extra layer can help prevent soreness.

– Pay attention. This is probably the hardest part. If the milking machine is doing its job properly, a guy is going to be experiencing some awesome feelings on his penis. When this happens, it’s not unusual for a guy to forget about everything else and just concentrate on following through to a great climax. However, it’s best if a guy can keep at least a small part of his mind paying attention to how the machine is working. Even if it feels great, does it seem to be pinching or rubbing the penis? Is it causing skin to bunch up? If a guy is intact, is his foreskin free from getting caught? Keeping part of one’s thoughts on the process itself can help a guy know if he needs to call it quits in order to avoid a sore penis – or perhaps even an injury.

A male milking machine can generate great pleasure, even if the end result is a sore penis. When a sore penis results, for whatever reason, it pays to be using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . To help restore damaged penis skin that results from soreness and overuse, find a crème that contains both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). Penis skin also benefits from the presence of a powerful antioxidant, especially alpha lipoic acid. This ingredient fights excess free radicals that can damage penis skin through creating oxidative stress.

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