No man wants to be known as being “quick on the trigger” while in bed, so lasting longer during intercourse is a big goal for many men. While this is not exactly a penis health issue in the way that, say, penis odor may be, it still can be a significant concern. For those for whom “better sex” means “lasting longer after penetrating,” the following may be of some help.

It’s natural – sort of

So, the fact of the matter is that it seems that men tend to orgasm before their mates is somewhat natural. Studies have shown that, on average, a man will ejaculate some 6 or so minutes after he first penetrates the vagina. By contrast, the typical woman requires about 13 minutes – and very often she requires more than just intercourse to achieve her orgasm.

So how can a guy last longer and achieve better sex if Nature has stacked the odds against him? It’s a challenge, but he can try the following:

– Use the lube. Many couples are hesitant to use anything other than the body’s own natural lubricants when having sex; it often seems a matter of pride to some. But when additional lubricant is used on a bare penis, it can help cut down on friction – not enough to keep the penis from deriving tons of pleasure, but enough to perhaps help slightly lengthen the amount of time between penetration and ejaculation.

– Suit up. Using a condom – even in a totally monogamous relationship – can also be a way to perhaps last longer. The thin layer of latex again decreases the friction a bit, making it more likely that a guy can withstand for a little longer the need to ejaculate. It’s even better if a couple selects condoms that have special features – such as being ribbed – to more readily stimulate the woman and possibly cut down on the length of time she needs to reach orgasm. Some couples may want to take it a step further and explore using a penis sleeve – a hollow penis-shaped tube that slips over the penis. This adds a little girth (and sometimes length) to the penis, which some women find pleasurable. It may also be ribbed or ridged to create extra stimulation.

– Extend the foreplay. Perhaps the most important road to better sex in this circumstance involves taking plenty of time to “warm up’ the female partner. Rather than rushing toward penetration, the couple should allow the man to take things slowly and leisurely with foreplay – plenty of kissing and cuddling, manually massaging the vagina and breasts, and performing oral sex, as well as concentrating on any specific other erogenous zones that the woman likes to have attended to.

– Interrupt as needed. Another option is to simply have the male withdraw from the vagina if he feels he is getting near ejaculating and to continue servicing his partner manually or orally. Once he has “cooled off” a bit, he can then reinsert the penis. This can happen several times during one session if need be.

– Change positions. Different positions can be more stimulating or less stimulating for a man or for a woman, so experiment and find out which one slows things down for the man and/or speeds things up for the woman.

Lasting longer for better sex is a bit easier if there are no penis health issues to worry about, so men should regularly apply a top-drawer penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Be sure that any oil selected contains L-arginine, an amino acid that helps boost nitric oxide production, thereby better enabling penile blood vessels to accommodate increased blood flow. The oil should also include vitamin C, which is also necessary for proper blood flow, thereby better maintaining erectile function.

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