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Sore Penis Woes – When Displaying the Package Leads to Pain

Do men think it’s worth getting a sore penis in order to display their manhood in its best possible light? Most men would probably say “yes, within reason.” Society’s fixation on and fascination with penis size makes most men anxious to demonstrate that they “have the goods,” even if this results in an achy penis and relegates proper penis care to the back seat.

What’s under the hood?

The penis size for most men is pretty much the same; “average” really does apply to the vast majority of males. Perhaps because of this, many men figure that they need to try a few “tricks” to give them a competitive visual edge over other men.  Here are a few of the tactics men use to gain that upper hand.

Find the proper drape for the shape — A man usually starts with the basics, namely what kind of penis he has and what makes it look the best in the underwear department. For example, a “shower” — a guy whose penis is fairly large even when soft — has a head start on a “grower” — a man whose flaccid penis is small, even if it’s a decent size when erect. A very full scrotum requires different presentation than one that is more diminutive. The size of the head as compared to the shaft may need to be taken into consideration.

After determining his status, a man then has to decide what kind of underwear is going to flatter his package, and whether he’s more interested in how much he can flaunt when meeting someone in public or in what looks best when he removes his pants. Does a pair of briefs that hugs his package snugly work better than a loose pair of boxers? What about a jock or a thong? Is going without underwear an option? (Now that last is a sure way to a sore penis, especially if the man wears denim jeans or scratchy wool trousers.)

Don’t forget material — Once underwear (or lack thereof) is decided upon, it’s time for the pants. Denim, wool, synthetics, cotton, linen, leather and other materials cling and move in different ways. Which one provides the best view of the guy’s manhood? And is it worth it to wear a fabric that, even if one is sporting underwear, still manages to rub the organ and increase the likelihood of making it sore?

How tight is too tight? — For many men with a concern for optimum penis presentation, there’s no such thing as a crotch that is too tight. The trade-off is likely to be a pained penis, especially if the crotch is too tight to allow for appropriate expansion during times of erection.

Get a lift — Some men decide to help things out a little by investing in a “scrotum lifter,” which is essentially a push-up bra for testicles. This fits under the sack and lifts it up and out, giving the illusion of a fuller crotch. Some men may find that this crunches their manhood a bit, making for a rather uncomfortable penis.

Get stuffed — Other men opt for the centuries-old tradition of “stuffing.” They may purchase professional “pre-made” stuffing or simply increase the illusion of size by stuffing washcloths, socks or other items in their underwear. As with the scrotum lifter, crowding the crotch in this way often leads to an aching member.

Proper penis presentation can be very important, and every man decides what he is comfortable doing in this area. If a man chooses options that contribute to a sore penis, he definitely needs to consider soothing his member with a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A penis vitamin cream is just the ticket for a sore member, especially a cream with acetyl L carnitine, which restores nerve sensitivity to one’s achy manhood. Creams with vitamin B5 are also recommended for their ability to maintain the health of penile cells, and those with alpha lipoic acid help keep penile cells from aging prematurely.

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