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Penis Health Crème Benefits: Increasing Pleasurable Sensation with Acetyl L Carnitine

If a penis came with an instruction manual, men would have no questions about the care and management of this very important tool. Unfortunately, the information men glean about the penis often comes through trial and error, and by the time men realize that they’ve been making mistakes, they have a significant amount of damage to overcome. It’s a tough penis care problem, but a penis health creme enhanced by acetyl L carnitine might help.

Typical Damage

The penis is lined with sensory cells that are designed to communicate directly with the brain. The slightest touch should set the skin humming with pleasure, and sustained contact might push a man right over the brink into intense bliss. This kind of buildup takes time, however, and young men tend to be impatient when it comes to pleasure. As a result, they might use a very tight grip during their masturbation sessions, and they might omit the use of lubricant altogether.

Riding the line between pleasure and pain can be intense in the moment, but it can leave a significant amount of damage behind, including tiny tears at the surface. Skin damage like this is relatively easy to overcome, but beneath the skin, the nerves that supply the penis might also be abraded and damaged.

Nerve Health

The tissues that make up the nervous system are remarkably resistant to the healing process. People who have strokes, for example, might experience such a blow to the nervous system that their cells just never function in the same way in the future. Unless help is delivered in the right place at the right time, the damage could be permanent.

Acetyl L carnitine can work directly on the tissues that make up the nervous system. This supplement works at the cellular level, boosting energy production and enhancing tissue repair. It’s a remarkable supplement, especially in terms of penis health, as it might help a man to reverse the damage he’s done through decades of improper wanking.

Proper Dosing

Health food stores and vitamin shops often sell acetyl L carnitine supplements in tablet form, which can allow people to pop pills in order to keep their tissues healthy and in line. While taking oral supplements like this might be a good idea for some people, this particular supplement can come with some nasty side effects that many might find distasteful.

Oral acetyl L carnitine supplements are generally considered safe, but some people can experience:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Fish-like odor to the breath and sweat

These can be incredibly unpleasant effects, and they could keep some people from taking the medications that could help them. After just a few days of feeling queasy and smelling like fish, people might consider tossing out their supplements and leaving the idea of healing behind.

A New Alternative

A penis health creme might be revolutionary, in part, because it bypasses the digestive system altogether. If most of the negative side effects associated with this supplement are triggered by the passage of the pill through the stomach, a method of application that doesn’t use the stomach at all might keep all of the discomfort at bay. People could then continue to feel the benefit of this supplement without even thinking about leaving their treatments behind, all because they’re not requiring the digestive system to do the hard work of delivering the treatment where it’s needed.

An effective penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is designed to penetrate penile tissues in mere minutes, nourishing the cells with all of the vitamins and minerals they need in order to function properly. Quality products fortified with acetyl L carnitine could bring a man to a state of health he never dreamed of, as though he’d been following the owner’s manual to the letter, throughout his life.

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