For most men, even the thought of a cold penis is enough to start some significant shriveling in the groin. But there are some brave and hardy souls who routinely risk chapped penis skin simply to engage in the sport of naked skiing. Guys who participate in this extreme sport must be prepared to take extra penis protection steps.


Although naked skiing is not practiced everywhere, there are a number of spots where the activity is permitted or encouraged. Squaw Valley and Telluride both provide the opportunity for naked skiing, for example; however, the generally accepted “Mecca” for this sport is Obertraun in Austria. Obertraun has one entire cross-country ski trail set aside just for those who wish to experience the crisp air and powdery snow in the buff.


Clearly, this form of sport is not for everyone; only those who are truly hardy and brave should even contemplate it, and anyone who is prone to colds or respiratory health issues should stay safe inside a parka instead.

But for those who have a hankering for this adventure, naked skiing can be bracing (to say the least). Many enjoy the sense of freedom that it affords as well as the unique feeling of both snow and frigid cold on the skin. Of course, for those who are exhibitionists, it’s a plus simply to let it all hang out in a new and unfamiliar context.

What to do.

If a guy commits to wearing his birthday suit on the slopes, there are a few preparations that are necessary.

– Build up to it. Sure, some guys can go from sitting clothed in a nice, warm chalet to stomping in the snow in the nude with no practice – but others need to ease in more gradually. Practice staying naked in a frostily air-conditioned room, increasing the amount of time each day until it’s possible to bear being bare for an extended period of time.

– Strip at the top. Riding a ski lift butt naked is not a good idea – either for the naked man or the people who take the lift after him. Wear clothing of some sort to the top of the slope and then disrobe to begin your descent.

– Be protected. Exposing the skin while skiing can make for some serious skin issues. A sunny day can bring sunburn, while the crispness in the air can bring about frostbite. Tearing down the slopes creates a lot of wind resistance that in turn dries out the skin even more. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen that covers the penis and testicles as well. It also helps to pack on plenty of moisturizer all over the body before leaving for the run; this should be applied before the sunscreen is put on.

– Be careful. Falls happen; they’re a part of skiing. But falling while fully clothed is a very different experience from falling while baring it all.

– Get warm again. After a naked skiing run, it’s important to make sure that steps are taken to raise the body temperature. This may include doing exercises to get the blood pumping or getting wrapped up in heavy blankets and sitting by a fire. Be well advised: While sex is a first-class way to get warmed up, do not even think of inserting a post-naked skiing penis into any orifices until it has been warmed up considerably.

Also important: Even if the cold penis was moisturized before hanging out on the slopes, it’s important to apply a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) after the experience. For one thing, simply rubbing the cream into the penis will help get blood flowing again; more importantly, a cream that is laden with Shea butter can help to hydrate the dry skin and repair any chapping that may have occurred. The cream should also contain vitamin B5, which is a tremendous aid for penis cell metabolism and helps maintain the health of the penis cells, which may be a bit taxed after a day in the icy air.

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