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Persistent Penis Rash – Are a Guy’s Personal Habits to Blame?

A penis rash can be itchy, ugly, uncomfortable and downright embarrassing, and it’s safe to say that it is never something a guy would choose to bring upon himself. Unfortunately, in many cases, that’s exactly what happens; some of the things that men habitually do can cause pretty unpleasant penis symptoms. Understanding how his personal habits can contribute to various penis health problems should be enough to make a man rethink his penile care routine. Here are just some of the things a guy can do that may result in a rash or bumps on the penis.

1) Not using a condom. Going bareback doesn’t only increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy; it also opens up both partners to a greater risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Numerous types of STIs can produce a nasty rash, as well as other unpleasant symptoms that may require a lifetime of treatment. Even a simple yeast infection can wreak havoc on the delicate penile skin and cause days of itching, redness, inflammation and discomfort. All of these can be avoided by making condom use a priority and resisting the urge to skip it just this once.

2) Choosing the wrong condom. While there is no excuse for leaving out the condom, using one that is made from the wrong material can also lead to misery. Growing numbers of men are sensitive to the latex used as a material for most condoms, and even some of the added features – such as warming agents, scents and flavors – can lead to adverse skin reactions. Men who have problems with latex should look for rubbers made from polyurethane, which is less reactive. In most cases, it is best to choose plain condoms over those that are laced with chemical ingredients.

3) Shaving with a dull razor. Many men are now choosing the “manscaped” effect, using razors to tame the thatch of hair in order to achieve a more streamlined appearance. While they do so with good reason – trimming the hair is helpful in terms of both hygiene and letting the true size of the equipment show through – pulling and tugging on the follicles can lead to a red, itchy rash. While this rash typically disappears after a few days, it can seriously detract from the desired sleek effect. To avoid razor bumps, it is important to use a new, clean, sharp razor and to shave when the skin is warm and damp. A gentle, foaming cleanser can be helpful to soften the skin – men should just be sure that the cleanser is free of chemically-based fragrances, alcohol and other potential irritants.

4) Using soap in the shower. Speaking of cleansers, men can often cause themselves problems through their choice of personal care products. Ordinary bar soaps may get things clean, but they contain detergents that strip the oils from the skin, leaving it dry and distressed. A red, itchy rash is often the result; therefore, it is best to stick with sensitive skin cleansers that are gentle and non-drying.

5) Slacking on the personal hygiene. While the wrong soap can be problematic, letting cleanliness slide can be even more of an issue. Men who do not shower or bathe regularly are prone to bacterial and fungal infections that can produce a nasty rash as well as swelling, foul odors and other unpleasant symptoms.

6) Neglecting to use a penis-friendly moisturizer. The damage caused by dehydration of the penile skin is not always visible to the unaided eye, but it is still there. Skin that is perpetually dry can become riddled with microscopic fissures, or tears in the outer layers of dermal tissue, that provide a perfect haven for bacteria, fungal spores and general grime – all of which can contribute to rashes, infections and an overall unhealthy appearance. Keeping the penis skin well-moisturized through the use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can go a long way toward reducing the risk of problems and improving the appearance of the penis. A product that is enriched with soothing emollients can help to calm the itching and discomfort of dry, parched skin, while vitamins and antioxidants work to promote rapid healing of damaged cells and boost their resistance to infection.

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