Ah, a hot date night is a wonderful thing, whether it’s a married couple finally getting the chance to be alone or 2 people who are still in the early stages of getting to know each other. Guys naturally want everything to go well on a date night, and if that night is to include some time spent in the bedroom, they want to make sure there are no bumps along the road to getting there. Men who regularly practice good penis care generally have little to worry about, but sometimes something can come along to throw a wrench in their plans. For example, suddenly finding that they have flaky dry penis skin, making them wary of how a partner may react to their penis, can be a game changer.

Curse that dry penis skin!

Dry penis skin is one of those things that can sneak up on a guy. He may not have been paying that much attention to things, may not have been inspecting his penis daily (as he should to spot any potential penis health issues), and then all of a sudden may be examining himself the day of a big date – and see that his skin is all flaky or cracked or peeling. Suddenly, his impressive manhood, which was all set to be admired in a few hours, has become something that looks anywhere from slightly unappealing to seriously off-putting, depending on the state of the dry penis skin.

Preventing dry penis skin

How did this dry penis skin condition come about? There actually are quite a few factors that can account for this situation.

– Friction. Friction is important for sexual stimulation, but too much friction can result in a raw penis and deplete the skin of oils needed to maintain moisturization. That’s why it’s important to use sufficient lubrication when masturbating or when having partner sex if lubrication is insufficient (as can happen during vaginal sex and as is always an issue during anal sex).

– Improper washing. Washing the penis regularly is absolutely essential in order to keep odor, bacteria, and other issues away. That means using a gentle soap or even a moisturizing cleanser rather than a harsh soap with chemicals and fragrances. It also means using warm, not hot, water; hot water showers may feel good, but they can seriously deplete the skin of necessary oils.

– Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. These are usually accompanied by a rash and can often create a serious dry penis skin situation. Fighting the underlying causes can help solve the dryness issue. This may involve consulting a dermatologist.

– Allergic reactions. Penis skin is very sensitive, and it may develop allergic reactions to certain foods or to certain substances with which it comes in contact. Determining what the allergic “triggers” are is essential in order to keep penis skin looking and feeling healthy and supple.

– Dry air. Sometimes the air in an environment may simply be too dry. When this happens, it can draw moisture from skin, including penis skin. Taking steps to keep the penis skin hydrated can help tremendously.

Men wanting to be more certain that their date night is not ruined by dry penis skin should take preventive steps like those cited above – and should also daily apply a first-rate penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The chosen oil must contain a combination of a high-end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E), to create a “moisture lock” to help keep penis skin hydrated. In addition, the oil should contain vitamin C, a key component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity.

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