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Penis Pain Explained: Identifying a Fractured Penis and How to Treat It

It’s the pop heard ‘round the world – the fractured penis. Most often occurring during sexy time, penile fractures are no joke. The penis pain from one of these alone can radiate to other galaxies. This injury usually happens in the lower two-thirds of the penis for a handful of reasons. While not a break, since the penis doesn’t have a bone per se, it is a major injury that requires immediate medical treatment as it can have long-term effects on a man’s ability to urinate as well as his ability to, as Marvin Gaye would put it, get it on. Here’s the 4-1-1 on what to do if you find yourself with a fractured penis.

Fractured Penis Symptoms

There are several symptoms a man can look for to determine if he has a fractured penis. Here are the major signs that a penile fracture may be what’s causing penis pain:

– Varying levels of pain from minor to major

– Hearing a cracking or popping sound upon receiving the issue

– Dark-colored bruising to the penis

– Bleeding from the penis

– Difficulty urinating

– Inability to get an erection

Research also indicated that a penile fracture takes on something called an “eggplant deformity” because the penis turns purple and swells. Minor symptoms of a fractured penis include blood in the urine and scrotal swelling.

Fracture Penis Causes

The penis has this sponge-like tissue called the corpus cavernosa. This is what fills with blood when a man gets an erection, and once filled, one or both sides of the area can snap, which results in a fractured penis. A man can only get a penile fracture when the penis is erect. Here are a few things that can cause a fractured penis:

– Thrusting too hard against the pubic bone or perineum during sex

– Rolling onto an erection in your sleep

– Awkward angles during sex

– Running into a door or piece of furniture while erect

– Falling onto an erect penis

Yeah, none of that sound fun, right?

Fractured Penis: When to See the Doctor

There’s only one answer when it comes to seeing the doctor when you get a fractured penis: immediately. Not only do they cause a lot of penis pain, but they also require immediate medical attention. Penile fractures can permanently damage a man’s sexual function and ability to urinate. Head to the emergency room and get it seen ASAP.

Once with a doctor, they will ask a lot of questions about how it happened. It’s also likely the doctor will use an X-ray or ultrasound machine to identify the exact area the fracture occurred, so they can treat it effectively.

Fractured Penis Treatment

There are several ways to treat a fractured penis, depending on the severity. Of course, any surgical or primary treatment will be performed by a medical professional at diagnosis. Most patients can expect to do these at-home treatments:

– Taking ibuprofen to relieve pain and swelling

– Applying cold compresses for ten minutes at a time to reduce swelling

– Wearing a special splint to alleviate pressure

– Using a Foley catheter to empty the bladder to minimize trauma to the penis

Fractured Penis Aftercare

Recovery always depends on two things: the severity of the injury and how well a man follows treatment protocols. After the doctor fixes it all up, a man can expect to refrain from all sexual activity for at least one month so the member can heal, sometimes longer. Some doctors will also prescribe sedatives or hormones during the healing phase to ensure a man doesn’t get an erection because erections will cause extreme penis pain and can upset recovery, which is necessary to regain all functions.

While healing and after, use a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to protect and nourish the skin. These crèmes contain lots of nutrients and vitamins that ward against infection and keep the skin sensitive and responsive.

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